Best Way to Get My Boyfriend Back

By Reith Anas

"I want my boyfriend back!" is what most women say after the break up with their boyfriends. But due to the pain you are feeling, you cannot think properly. You need to calm down and relax. Think of yourself before thinking of him.

Find something to do to keep you occupied. Go out with your friends and relatives. Watch some DVD's or read some books. Think of the things you can do without him. Use this time to connect your mind and heart again.

Never try to contact your ex. Never think of pursuing on getting him back. You must overcome the hurt and pain you are now feeling before trying to communicate with him or else you might look desperate in his eyes and this is not a good scenario.

Before meeting him, first try to bring back the positive attitude in you. Once you are ready to face him, start contacting him. One trick is to send him wrong messages. He might answer back telling you that you have sent wrong messages to him. From there you can start your conversations but do not push too hard because he might suspect you of setting up the situation.

Make sure to let him know that you are doing okay even without him. Most men like women who can overcome heartaches and pain. He will be intrigued by you more if he sees you as woman with positive energy and positive outlook in life. These traits are desirable and attractive to men.

These techniques are just the few steps you can use to start getting him back. Remember that heartaches are part of being in love; thus, never let the pain destroy you. Talk to someone with the same experience and work on it. Put a smile in your face and say, "I will win him back".