Does Computer Dating Work?

By Adam Carvin

The first computer dating services started in 1957 as brick and mortar offices where single men and women flock to get a chance to meet their perfect match. They will be required to fill up a series of forms where they enter their personal information, just as we fill up today's online profile forms.

The dating service agency would then collect the forms and translate them into a format that could be read by the matchmaking program on the early versions of the computers. These are usually punch cards that are fed into the early versions of the IBM computers. The computers will then read the cards and compare the information with other cards to find a match. When the computer finds a match, its job is finished, and the humans take over the task of initiating contact between the matching single persons.

It may seem prehistoric and outdated to some, but the operations involved in yesterday's computer dating services and in today's online dating systems are similar. Modern technology may have replaced the paper forms, punch cards and card readers but the dating agency still exists to drive the whole operation, oversee and control the processes involved. While the new technology has dramatically automated the systems and processes, the purpose never changed - to find a matching profile for single individuals searching for their perfect mate.

Social and cultural changes in the past decades have made internet online dating socially acceptable, universally and openly practiced singles' activity nowadays. Seeking computer dating services in those yester years is a discreet and embarrassing activity and everything is kept hush-hush.

When the first online dating service was born in 1995, computer dating services was radically changed. Today, single men and women from any part of the world can literally jump into a conversation with a prospective partner from any part of the globe in real time, without leaving the soft-cushioned chair they are sitting on.

Millions of single men and women all over the world are happy to be part of the thousands of different online dating communities in the World Wide Web. There are no geographical, cultural, religious or age barriers to online dating. Anybody can meet anyone who meets their given matching information.

This new concept in equality is a new kind of revolution that opens the door to racial intermarriages. This may hopefully lead to a better world where love, peace and understanding prevail, where people live in harmony as one.