5 Ways To Attract A Woman

By Chris L. Tyler

There are many ways and methods that men will use to try and attract a woman. For many men, most of these ways and methods do NOT work out all that well. However, YOU can learn how to attract a woman, using ways that make a woman fall for YOU without all of the gimmicks and the routines. Want to know how to attract a woman?

1. You have to be able to approach a woman with the utmost confidence in YOURSELF. For many men, the lack of confidence proves to be a true barrier for their success with women. You cannot approach a woman and seem like a NERVOUS wreck. If you do this, you will find that most women will automatically reject YOU. See, a woman can easily sense this lack of confidence and for HER, it's a turn off. You don't want to turn a woman off. You want to be able to turn her ON.

2. You have to know the proper ways to flirt with a woman. For many men, flirting with a woman also proves to be a barrier. Instead of flirting with a woman in a way that creates sexual attraction, they end up being seen as more than a friend than anything else. Now, my guess is that you do NOT want to be seen as her friend. Rather, you want to be seen as more. This can and WILL happen when you know how to flirt with a woman the RIGHT way.

3. You have to be able to speak to women. If you cannot talk to a woman the right way to create attraction with her, you are not going to get ANYWHERE with her. Many men will make the mistake of having a conversation with a woman the same way they would talk to a male buddy or a female family member. This is NOT going to make you appeal to a woman that you are interested in. You have to be able to trigger her sexual attraction with words.

4. You have to stay away from the GIMMICKS and the ROUTINES. Many of these NEVER worked out at all. And some of them worked once upon a time, but that was in a different era and age. Today's woman is more in control of herself and her abilities to select a man. And if you try to be a pickup artist, most women will automatically\y reject you. After all, they do NOT want to be seen as just a notch in your belt. Even if the situation is mostly about SEX, you cannot make a woman feel CHEAP.

5. You have to take CONTROL and decide to learn how to attract a woman. Most men just sit at home and WISH they knew what to do to attract a woman. And they NEVER go out and learn what really works. As a result, they have little or no success with women. You can be different. You can decide that you WILL attract a woman and you will learn how to trigger sexual attraction in a woman.