Advice on How to Repair a Broken Relationship

By Amy Wells

Trying to fix a relationship that is going wrong can be an intimidating challenge. But it doesn't have to be. Using a few simple pieces of advice on how to repair a broken relationship can make the process seem a bit less monumental and can help you achieve the results you are looking for. All it will take is some time, some thought and some effort on the part of both partners.

That's right, both partners. You may say that it is therefore hopeless and that your partner has no interest in making things work especially if the relationship is badly fractured. The first piece of advice is to try and do relationship repairs before things get too advanced. If you start seeing that there are issues developing, head them off and deal with them before they drive you apart. Unless one partner is deceased, there is always hope. It just takes more work if things are badly splintered.

You need to start thinking why you were with your partner in the first place. Were they generous and warm? Are they an excellent parent? Some people may be better parents than spouses. By concentrating on the good things about your partner you can start reforging a more positive and productive relationship. Try complimenting your partner and letting them know that you like what you see and what they do. You may find that this gets some of the sparkle back and can make your partner want to fix things up.

You need to reconnect with your partner physically. This does not mean that you need to jump back into a sexual relationship if that has trickled off over the years. Start by showing your affection using kisses and hugs. Your partner may tense up a bit when you begin, especially if previous examples of physical affection have always been linked to sex. Over time, your partner will enjoy your touch more and will become more physically and emotionally intimate with you. This can be one of the best ideas on how to repair a broken relationship.

If you are able to work through negative emotions and memories and use visualization and physical contact to improve your attitude you can really start to notice an improvement in your relationship. It may take some time and effort on your part but it is a little like a landslide. As things improve, you will find it easier for you and your partner to connect and you will both be more willing to work on your relationship.

If you are honest about wanting to fix things, it is much easier to find ways on how to repair a broken relationship. You and your partner can often mend fences and find new ways to connect. If you go into this process with ulterior motives and hidden plans, believe that your partner will detect this and will call the entire process to a halt. You need to be open and truthful about your intentions and you will find that repairing your relationship will not be far behind.