Consulting the Experts For the Best Love Advice

By Amy Wells

If you are looking for the best love advice, you may look toward many of the talk show experts who are offering their expert opinions. One of the best known of all of these television gurus is Doctor Phil McGraw. He has built a reputation for offering some of the best love advice available from any of the experts.

Doctor Phil's belief system is fully rooted in a very common sense approach to love and relationships. He believes in being true to yourself and not being false in a relationship. It doesn't matter whether you are being false to your own values and goals or the values and goals of your partner, Doctor Phil urges people to be open and honest with each other. This is excellent advice since it can be the best way to build a strong relationship.

According to Doctor Phil, the main cause of relationship break up is failed expectations and this is definitely the case. If you are honest about what your values, needs and wants are, there is less chance that there will be a serious failure that could destroy your relationship. He believes in maintaining open and honest communication at all stages of the relationship so that couples know where their partner stands on key issues and goals.

Doctor Phil has published a number of excellent books that offer advice on everything from parenting to ways to rescue a relationship. He often calls for a large amount of self evaluation and assessment as a way of tuning in to how you really think and feel. If these evaluations are to be of any use, you have to approach them honestly and openly and be truthful about the answers you are giving. Some may require the participation of your partner.

If your partner is not willing to participate, you should not take this as any indication that there is a lack of commitment. Many people, men in particular, are not as interested in taking quizzes and performing surveys or evaluations. The assessments that Doctor Phil sets out are a reflection of his belief that a successful relationship does not simply happen, it takes ongoing work to keep it fresh and loving.

The best love advice that he offers is that you should perform relationship maintenance on a regular basis and keep on top of any misunderstandings or hurt feelings before they have a chance to fester and grow out of proportion. Part of this work includes learning how to view the relationship from your partner's perspective. This can be difficult, especially if you are in a period of stress or if there are problems currently ongoing. However, learning how to put yourself in the other person's shoes can also be some of the best love advice you can receive.

Doctor Phil has become a voice of reasoned and rational thinking. This can be critical if you are currently undergoing a rough patch. By reading his books and watching his television shows and specials, you can often get some of the best love advice available and help build a stronger and more caring relationship as a result.