How to Attract Beautiful Women

By Bernard Okoth

- Rule number one - play hard to get because women hate weaklings but love mysterious men. Don't be on her case always, calling and demanding to know where she is, she will not respect you.

- Don't be too available: set up a date, and cancel at the last minute. She will be mad, but women as always love mysterious men.

- Don't be a toy boy. If you are too generous, a woman will love you and probably tell their girlfriends that you are there to maintain their lifestyle. You most probably will not get to hit the sack since you don't know how to play to their heart. Always be subtle.

- Women love simplicity, are funny and cocky, talk dirty and flirt a little. When you lack words, look around you, make fun of something around you, discuss current amusing affairs and be sure to ask for her opinion.

- Show a woman that in the relationship, it is her who stands to benefit. Be unpredictable and answer her questions with one of yours when out on a date.

- Women find confident men irresistible. Such a man never complains, is strong-willed and assertive. Tell her you need your own time to be alone and reflect. For good measure, tell her you need to go away one weekend to meditate at the top of a particular mountain, then enjoy your lone time alone.

- Women hate mediocrity or the boy next door. A mysterious man is one who knows more than the average Joe, earns more, drives more expensive cars, and has a superior sense of self-grooming without being fastidious. In other words, be different.

- Create anticipation in a woman. Try that and she will be wondering what mettle you are made of. It is at this juncture that even today's woman, who is enlightened and inclined to taking the initiative, can't wait to... you know what? Not yet. Give her a dose of her own medicine. Say you want to wait, at least to get to know her better. This will help build some tension and anticipation in her.