Why Are Russian Wives Better Than American?

By Raffael_Argiolu382

If you use Internet services regularly, you have probably heard about Russian wives. You may have found it extraordinary that so many males are eager and ready to spend a great deal of money to bring a foreign bride to their fatherland and overcome language and cultural differences. However, if you take a better look at Russian females, you will grasp why they draw foreign males.

First and foremost, these ladies still have "traditional" values. Russian ladies want to have a family and kids. They wish to be wives and mothers. They would like to take care of their husbands and children and keep house. From their childhood on they are taught these values by mothers and grandmothers. They would prefer starting a family to job promotion.

Russian girls are known for taking care of themselves. They wear nice clothes, put on make-up and have their hair properly done. Unlike American ladies, Russian girls will never go shopping having not combed their hair or wearing scruffy clothes. Innate beauty and charm coupled with impeccable looks make men madly fall in love with Russian girls. They are proud of their spouses and cannot take eyes off them.

Apart from the family values and prettiness that Russian women are renowned for, they are known to be well-educated. The vast majority of them have got either college or university education. A lot of Russian ladies speak a foreign language relatively well.

More than that, Russian girls are very outgoing and adaptable. They get used to new lifestyle, traditions and living conditions with relative ease. They are eager to get a good command a foreign language and accept a new culture, provided they have a strong affectionate reliable life partner nearby who is able to make crucial decisions and provide for the family. Frequently Russian ladies disregard age differences and marry experienced overseas men. All of them long for close relationships, genuine love and happiness.

Innumerable are examples of ideal Russian-American marriages where both partners respect, love, care about each other, share griefs and sorrows, overcome problems together and bring up kids.