7 Practical tips to prevent a break up

By Melissa Lee

Starting a relationship is like going in a boat in the sea. You see everything is beautiful around you, you hear all sweet and relaxing sounds, and everything ahead just looks promising.

Then you start your boat ride. You then realize your boat is going up and down with the ocean tides. Sometimes you go up so high, then there are times when you go down the low tide. Each time you have to keep adjusting your boat so that you won't topple and fall into the sea. There are also times when the tide is so rough it breaks your boat apart.

In a relationship, there are so many ups and downs, happy moments followed by a quarrel, making up, and another happy moment, and so on. Some of the bad times can be so bad it crushes the relationship altogether. There are some easy tips on how to minimize the chance of a sad ending.

However, if you are already toppled from your boat and now drowning in the misery of broken heart, check this out for more appropriate advice, it comes with a free video on what you can do at this stage.

If you are in a happy relationship or just start to be involved in a relationship, here are the 7 practical tips to prevent a break up that you may find useful:

1. Give each other space and time to be alone. Contrary to your heart desire to be stuck with them all of the time, it is very important that you don't overload them with your presence. You don't want them to feel like they no longer have their own life as everything now is about you.

2. Having said that on point (1), you do need to spend time together to some extent. You can't be too busy doing your own stuff and make your partner feels there is no difference having you or not. Be there for each other, and if you are really busy with your things, see if you can involve them in your activities as well.

3. Get out of the routine every now and then. Yes, you are both very busy with your daily tasks, and there is so little time to do anything else, but occasional dinner outside or a romantic movie evening can do wonders.

4. Share an interest. If you both enjoy a particular sport, or walking in the woods, or play and have good laughs at the beach, then you should find time to do those together. It strengthens the relationship a great deal when you do things you enjoy, together.

5. Be open and honest. Don't bottle your feelings and let them know what you like and dislike. When arguments happen, settle them as soon as convenient.

6. Pay attention to what your partner like or dislike. If you do something that upset them and they tell you that, make sure you work on it and not keep repeating the same mistake. It is a common break up cause when one can't stand the partner's behavior or repeated mistakes.

7. Get to know your partner's circle of friends and family. They are also YOUR friends they may eventually be your family. They may give you good advices about your partner since they have known him/her for longer than you. You will feel closer to your partner as well when you know their folks and he/she knows yours.